Our Powerful Network

Even the best server hardware falls short without a dependable network in place. Automatic Data Backup’s ability to comfortably ensure reliable backups is made possible by a world-class network. Coupled with routing equipment manufactured by Cisco, multiple backbone connections from industry leading Internet bandwidth providers enable lightning fast access and blazing transfer speeds. These features result in superior performance the competition simply can’t match.

Regulated Climate Control

Our HVAC systems have full particle filtering and humidity control.

Redundant Power

Our onsite diesel-powered generators and uninterruptible power systems (UPS) deliver redundant power if a critical incident occurs.

Serious About Security

Our datacenters are locked and can only be accessed by authorized CyberLynk personnel and our Colocation customer.

Installation Services

We offer Installation services to all customers colocated in CyberLynk data centers

Data Center Cabinets

Highly secure storage environment while simultaneously ensuring colocated equipment receives the necessary airflow required to provide adequate cooling.

Standards & Compliance

Committed to operating facilities that meet the rigorous standards and compliance needs of your business.

Milwaukee, WI (MKE1) Datacenter Photos

Fiber & Bandwidth

Our colocation facility is equipped with reliable upstream internet access by way of redundant fiber paths connected to diverse, industry-leading bandwidth providers. These high-capacity fiber connections are combined with efficient BGP routing equipment powered by Cisco to ensure unrivaled performance and availability. It is this world-class fiber optic network that enables us to offer bandwidth capacity at the most competitive prices. We are the first and only Mac mini colocation service to offer native IPv6 service.

Our internal fiber backbone consists of 10Gbps connectivity between our edge and core network layers. The edge and core network layers are built using Cisco 6500 series switches. Each Mac Mini Vault cabinet has 2Gbps of connectivity with multiple paths to our core network layer. This connectivity can be upgraded to 10Gbps+ for special custom build-outs.



AWS is located in 11 geographical “regions”: US East (Northern Virginia), where the majority of AWS servers are based, US West (northern California), US West (Oregon), Brazil (São Paulo), Europe (Ireland and Germany), Southeast Asia (Singapore), East Asia (Tokyo and Beijing) and Australia (Sydney). There is also a “GovCloud”, based in the Northwestern United States, provided for U.S. government customers, complementing existing government agencies already using the US East Region. Each Region is wholly contained within a single country and all of its data and services stay within the designated Region.

Each Region has multiple “Availability Zones”, which are distinct data centers providing AWS services. Availability Zones are isolated from each other to prevent outages from spreading between Zones. Several services operate across Availability Zones (e.g., S3, DynamoDB) while others can be configured to replicate across Zones to spread demand and avoid downtime from failures. As of December 2014, Amazon Web Services operated 1.4 Million servers across 28 availability zones.

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