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CyberLynk Network, was founded in 1995 as a local Internet Provider in Racine, WI providing Dialup/ISDN/T1 Internet Access and Website/Email hosting services. Since our inception CyberLynk has grown to be a full service Internet Service provider that has thousands of customer’s world-wide and offers one stop shopping. In 2002 CyberLynk moved to our current headquarters location in Franklin, WI.

Mission Statement

Our mission is simple: Provide our customers with reliable and cost effective Internet solutions that will allow the customer to focus on their core business.

  • Business Class Services – CyberLynk will never nickel and dime you to death. All of our services provide a flat rate monthly charge. The only time your bill will be different is if you upgrade your account. Our services are built for businesses that need reliable Internet related services they can depend on.
  • Additional Services – CyberLynk can provide your company with ‘One Stop Shopping’ to solve all your Internet needs.
  • Servers Not Overloaded – CyberLynk will never oversell a server like other providers. Our servers are built for speed and reliability.
  • Unbelievable Support – CyberLynk prides itself on hiring and educating the best of the best. Our engineers can troubleshoot any problem and provide answers within minutes. You will always get a qualified engineer when you call or email CyberLynk.
  • Been in business for over 17 years – CyberLynk has a proven track record of growth and innovation since we opened our door’s in 1995. Privately held CyberLynk continues to grow through a solid business and acquisitions of other Internet related companies.
  • A+ Rating with the BBB – The Better Business Bureau has been tracking complaints against businesses since 1912 and CyberLynk is proud to maintain an A+ rating with no complaints. CyberLynk goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure all of our customers are 100% satisfied.

Our History


CyberLynk starts 2014 with the addition of a second Datacenter in Phoenix , Arizona. More to come as CyberLynk continues to grow in 2014….


CyberLynk launches and becomes the only Approved FreePBX hosting company. Two hosting companies were acquired in 2013. Customers from Re:think and have been migrated to new hardware within CyberLynk’s Franklin (Milwaukee) datacenter.


CyberLynk starts 2012 with five acquisitions that include Customers,,, and Due to acquiring over twenty hosting companies, CyberLynk works to consolidate hosting brands and move forward with the consolidation under a Family of Companies umbrella and re-launches the website.


CyberLynk launches and positions itself to quickly acquire and migrate new acquisitions. A total of six hosting companies are acquired in 2011. Customers from,,,, and have been migrated to new hardware within CyberLynk’s Franklin (Milwaukee) datacenter.


While celebrating our 15th Anniversary CyberLynk works to finish construction on its newest datacenter build out. is launched and becomes our portal colocation and disaster recovery purposes. With the datacenter nearing completion is launched which will provide Mac Mini Colocation services.


Due to CyberLynk’s growth another datacenter build out within our Franklin Headquarters building is started. Actively seeking smaller hosting companies to acquire CyberLynk goes into acquisition mode and takes over,, and

Construction for our newest datacenter is set to be completed the middle of 2009 and ready for customers by the beginning of 2010.


Turning 10 years old is a huge milestone for any Internet company and CyberLynk proves it has what it takes to survive the Dot Com boom while it continues to grow. CyberLynk re-launches both Offsite Data Backup and our Spam & Virus Filtering services to better serve our customers. Acquisitions of Hostess Web Hosting and start the trend of acquiring smaller hosting companies as part of CyberLynk’s growth strategy.


CyberLynk is now maintaining a fully redundant wired and wireless network throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. As part of our commitment to the community CyberLynk starts to deploy free public wireless hotspots throughout southeastern Wisconsin at locations like South Hill Country Club, Odyssey Restaurant, Racine Public Library and the Wisconsin Department of Tourism rest area in Kenosha.

Utilizing our redundant network and additional network capacity CyberLynk successfully launches a Hosted VOIP phone system service. Business customers no longer have to worry about maintenance of their traditional wall mounted phone system and CyberLynk continues its mission to be that one stop provider that can handle all of your Internet related needs.


CyberLynk starts 2002 with deploying a new website and a revised logo that will stand the test of time. Continuing with the network upgrades and expansion plans CyberLynk completes the installation of its sixth Broadband Wireless Tower in Kenosha (WI), seventh in Hartland (WI) and eighth in north west Milwaukee (WI). In an effort to grow beyond the local market CyberLynk launches nationwide dialup and ISDN service.

Due to increasing spam & virus complaints from customers CyberLynk launches its own Spam & Virus Filtering service. CyberLynk continues to expand its wired/wireless network and customer base. CyberLynk is also adding employees to support its growth rate and moves its corporate offices to a larger facility in Franklin Wisconsin.


CyberLynk deploys the first Fixed Wireless Broadband network in Southeastern Wisconsin in July 2000 and holds a seminar to introduce this new service to the market place. Growing at the speed of light CyberLynk expanded its wired DSL, ISDN and Dial-Up Internet service to Burlington & West Bend along with expanding our Broadband Wireless service to Raymond (Racine), Gurnee (Illinois) and downtown Racine

In May 2001 CyberLynk is faced with its wholesale DSL provider @Link filing for bankruptcy and shutting its entire network down without notice leaving hundreds of residential and business customers without Internet service. CyberLynk converts most of them to its Broadband Wireless Internet network. This marks a turning point for CyberLynk that will determine its future success and ensure confidence in our customers. CyberLynk vows to never be held hostage by a single provider and continues to build out the Broadband Wireless Network.

CyberLynk increases the fiber capacity at its Racine, Wisconsin datacenter to handle the growth of the Wisconsin and Illinois network along with upgrading our West Allis, Wisconsin POP (Point of Presence). Colocation services are also added to CyberLynk’s service portfolio through the Racine, Wisconsin datacenter.


CyberLynk was started in September of 1995 in Racine, Wisconsin as an Internet Service Provider offering Dialup, ISDN and T1 Internet services along with Windows website & email hosting services. As the popularity of the Internet grew so did CyberLynk while expanding its network to Milwaukee, Kenosha and Chicago. Providing high quality Internet services to local businesses in Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, CyberLynk grew its sales force and opened its first office in early 1996. During 1997 and 1998 CyberLynk dominated the local business Internet market for high speed Internet access and website hosting services. CyberLynk started to provide free email hosting services to local customers to gain market share and give back to the community. As technology developed CyberLynk upgraded its network backbone with high end Cisco routers and its dialup infrastructure to support the new 56K V.90 modem standard.